3 Reasons Why Physical Exercise is Important for Kids

In this digital world, kids don’t find the opportunity for physical exercise like we did when we were kids. Kids today are occupied with digital gadgets all the time. But it is very important that we encourage our children to play outside. Here are the reasons why physical exercise is essential for kids.

It makes the heart happy

The heart is a muscle. It pumps blood every day throughout our body. Doing aerobic exercises make the heart happy. When you do these exercises your heart pumps, makes you sweaty and quickens your breath. Swimming, playing soccer or basketball, biking, etc. are good aerobic exercises that the kids can do.

It strengthens muscles

Exercise can make the muscles stronger. Doing push-up or swinging across the monkey bars at the playground helps to build strength. When you use your muscles to do these powerful things, your muscles get stronger.

It makes you flexible

Have you tried touching your toe without any trouble? By doing exercise, the kid’s body will become flexible. They will be able to stretch and bend their bodies without much trouble. The kids will be able to move their arms and legs freely without feeling any pain. Dancing, martial arts, etc. can improve flexibility in children.

Physical activities keep the kids healthy and fit. They will be happy all the time. Games like soccer and basketballs will help them learn social skills. They will learn teamwork as well. So, you should encourage your kids to play outside with friends.

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