5 Ways to Promote Mental Health in Kids

Like adults, children may also have mental issues like depression and anxiety. They also experience difficulties and worries like the adults. You should develop good mental health habits in your children. Here are five ways to do so.

They should get enough sleep

Good sleep is necessary for mental health and wellbeing. Many children are sleep-deprived which affect their mental health. Children should sleep between 10 to 12 hours for proper growth and development. Teenagers need to sleep for at least 9 hours.

Encourage them to exercise

Physical activity is good for the active growing of kids. Children today get less exercise compared to the past generations. This affects the mental health of children. Exercise can stimulate the chemicals that improve mood and release the stress that develops. Children should have at least one hour of movement every day.

Encourage them to practice creativity

Kids must practice creativity. They should involve themselves in creative activities every day. Creative activities help to take the worry and stress away from the kids.

Give them some space of their own

Children should be given space of their own so that they can think properly. When they spend some quiet time, it helps them to wander through their thoughts.

Talk about their troubles

If something is bothering your child, ask your kid to share it with you. Talking about the issue that’s bothering your kid can remove the worries from their mind.

These are some great ways of improving the mental health of children. Your kids must enjoy this time of their life. Therefore, you should make sure that they are stress-free all the time.

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