Our Mission

The mission of our association is to encourage families, communities and school professionals to take actions that will lead to healthy eating, behavior, physical activity and mental wellbeing of children. We want the kids to learn the healthy ways of living from a young age so that they can be healthy throughout their lives.

We use three approaches to fulfill our mission:

School plans

We help schools to develop effective programs to implement the wellness policies. They develop an action plan to educate the kids about health.

School programs

Strong health programs and practices are developed so that the kids can learn in a fun environment. The programs will be engaging so that the kids learn in the most effective way. There will be lots of fun activities that the kids will love and will eventually learn about different aspects of health.

School, family and community partnership programs

There will be programs that will involve school, family, and community so that the kids have a better understanding of health. The programs will ensure that the school, family, and community encourage the kids to practice healthy eating habits and behaviors.

Whether you are part of the school, a parent or a member of the community, you can help to improve the health of each of these kids. We need all of your support to reach our goal.

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